All our guests get 24 hour our supervision and undivided attention – Whenever I need to leave I make sure my husband is there to watch and play with them.


We offer all our active guests ample room to play in a fenced and sheltered area – a covered patio and a large grass filled yard.  We go for regular walks for all those interested.

My house is full of doggie toys, sleeping beds couches.  We have relaxing music always playing in one room, a TV in the other (They love watching Dancing with the Stars with us).

We can provide separate areas if your dog is not feeling well, but generally all our guests like to play and relax together – like one big happy family.

At night we try to create a familiar and comforting environment, be it on the bedroom floor, doggie bed, crate, or even sharing our beds – everyone finds a happy place to rest.

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