What time can I pick up or drop off my dog?
We are open for owners between the hours 8am and 8pm, but please call in advance.

Do you administer prescription pills or insulin injections?
Yes, we can accommodate most medical needs of your dog.

Is grooming available while my dog is there?
Yes, we have a high quality certified groomer available for your convenience.

How do the dogs get along with each other?
We find that most dogs respond very well to the open and home-like environment, and tend to follow the lead of the other dogs in just relaxing and enjoying themselves.  We attribute that to the fact that we really care and love dogs, the many years of experience in dealing with them, and the many regular dogs we often have that seem to lead by example.  That being said, we are careful to get to know the temperament of each guest, and have various accommodations available to ensure they are not stressed out or uncomfortable during the stay.

How often do you let the dogs outside?
All our guests are first let out at 7am and the last time being 10pm.  During the day we let them out every 2-3 hours in bad weather – in good weather they get to play outside for hours in our large fenced in grass yard.

Where do the dogs sleep at night?
When nighttime rolls around, we usually find it best to just let each guest choose the preferred sleeping arrangement.  Some like sleeping in the various dog beds we have, some like the couches or the floor, some prefer their crate, and some join us in our beds – all find a comfy way to get their shut eye.