Prices and Policies

Prices are for up to a 24 hour stay (The next day will start 24 hours after initial drop off)

  Single Dog: $30/day

  Multiple Dog Families:$25 for each additional dog

In order for all our guests to have a fun and safe stay, we require that all dogs be:

1 – Either less than 40 pounds or shorter than 22 inches in height
2 – House broken and well socialized around humans and other dogs
3 –
Current on all vaccination, medications, and flea preventions – see below for the full detail on Medical Requirements.

MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS … For the protection of your pet, the requirements below are non-negotiable and no exceptions can be made. 

At the Irina’s Pet Care we take our vaccination policy very seriously. No amount of precaution and care can guarantee the prevention of communicable diseases, but in order to minimize the risk of your pet being exposed to anything contagious any pet that visits the resort (whether for an hour or a month) must be current on the following vaccinations.

Rabies – Written vet documentation must include expiration date as well as date administered.

– This vaccination (against Canine Cough) might not normally be given unless your vet knows that your pet will be boarding. Please be sure that you request this vaccination. It is good for one year (although new information suggests six month vaccinations might provide better protection for pets that are frequently around other pets). Since pets are at greater risk of contracting bordetella or having a reaction immediately after receiving the vaccination, it must be administered at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to your scheduled stay at the resort. This vaccination can be administered via a shot, or as an intranasal spray. For more information on Bordetella, click here.

– This combination shot is generally good for one year although some manufacturers are producing three year vaccinations. If your DHLPP is for three years, the documentation from your vet must explicitly indicate that fact.

FECAL TEST – In addition to the above vaccinations, all pets staying at the resort must have a recent fecal test. A negative stool sample check is acceptable if it occurred in the six months prior to checking in. Documentation from your vet must indicate the results of the test. If the test was positive for parasites – your pet must be treated and another fecal test performed (with a negative result) at the completion of treatment.

Since we are located in a rural setting, we SRONGLY recommend that your pet be on a flea and tick preventative when staying at the resort. We check all incoming guests for fleas, and if we find evidence of fleas at check-in or at any time during their stay, pets will be given a flea bath for a charge ranging from $20.00 to $40.00.